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Providing professional experienced consulting services with a demonstrated history of working with diverse groups of people
experienced with a well traveled proven record of problem solving solutions.
You get nothing less than honesty and integrity when working with me.

Est. - 1997

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Our mission is to keep in touch with customers in the industrial welding automation and digital marketing fields. Most of my work over time has been in welding automation sales and consulting, specializing in retrofitting welding automation systems. My other main vocation would be providing people with Internet digital marketing programs. We know how to help change your business a wider exposure to customers. I enjoyed consulting and capturing photography using natural light as a hobby and for business. Need to reach me, please contact me below.


About our services

Dennis Camp Consultants

Attitude and Gratitude is everything when helping people in life

I consult people with welding automation productivity solutions using innovative technology since 1983. These values have allowed us to help many people with automating manual welding applications into simple automated welding system solutions.

Later I learned the power of the Internet and business sales in the late 1980s. I built my first business website in 1996. Developed a very successful one in 1997, the digital marketing campaign for Weld Plus Inc. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.
Times change a company, so in 2019 using my self-taught skills, I duplicated the Internet marketing program I had done before for MITUSA Welding Automation company to grow it quickly.

TyMax Internet Consulting started with me stumbling while learning the process of building websites with SEO. The digital marketing started at night in my basement in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our simple values of Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work come from those late nights at work.

November 26, 2022

Internet Marketing SEO

TyMax Internet ConsultingTyMax Internet Consulting

Early to develop websites and SEO techniques with designs since the early nineteen nineties. Providing consulting and Internet related services to companies, individuals, and non-profits organizations since 1996. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we service clients on all over North America. Working with select customers with consultation on current projects. Contact me if you would like my help. TyMax to help customers understand what websites can do for your plans.

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November 27, 2022

Welding Automation Solutions

Welding Automation ConsultingWelding Automation Consulting

Experienced professional with a well known history of working with talented professionals in the welding automation systems industry. Knowledgeable advice with a proven history of providing customers welding automation problem-solving solutions. Providing customers guidance on automation for 40 years with unique ideas to reduce your complicated welding automation into simple solutions. I still do consulting with automated welding applications nationwide based out of the Cincinnati, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky area. If you need help, please email me with details of your application.